Saturday, 22 June 2013

A special programme by the math committee (22nd June 2013)

Maths Programmme

It was on 22nd of june 2013 Saturday, The math committee member bought about a new programme under the guidance of the Chairperson Mr. Lobsang Yeshi la. The curtain raised with the dialect practice by the students on the different mathematics and science topics like Area etc. student enjoy the dialect with a light and a soothing music for has shown a documentary film named ‘Story of Math’ which lasted for around 45 minutes.The most special and unique thing done in this programme is the first ever Mathematic spelling bee. Teachers have selected four students from each class and in total there was 50 contestant. Teachers have collected more than 200c mathematic terms and classified the words into easy, average and difficult round.

The 1st easy rounds were successfully answered by most of the students and were qualified for the next round. Followed by the average round where many students fail to spell the correct spelling. Only few students were through the round. Difficult round was really a challenge for the qualifiers as the words were hard and only 4 students were qualified for the championship round.And finally the winner was non-other than Master Tenzin Tsega la of class 8 S. over all the whole programme was a huge success.


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