Monday, 4 April 2016

Earth Quake Drill

TCV Chauntra Earthquake Mock Drill
TCV Chauntra Earthquake Mock DrillEarthquake mock drill was done in TCV Chauntra as per the instruction and direction of GEOHAZARD India. It is done every year in our school to remember the Kangra Earthquake in 1905 and especially the casualties and death toll. Mock drill is the only way that every one of us must learn to mitigate the casualties in the time of disaster. It is very unpredictable nature of earthquake that we must prepare all the time as saying goes  expect for the best and prepare for the worst.

In our school Class X D students under the supervision of subject teacher Chotop Tashi (Mr.) organized 20 minutes long earthquake related morning presentation comprises of video clip, short talk and skit show. The motive behind organizing such varied activities in front of all the students and teachers was to teach how to save oneself in the time of Earthquake.

At 11:00 am real mock drill was done in which all the staff members were grouped into different department of task. We have awareness team, evacuation team, medical team, media team and etc. the whole task was coordinated by Mr. Chotop Tashi. It was turned out to be very effective with earnest support from school administration in terms of material facilities such as medical aids, stretchers, helmets and florescent overcoat and more importantly the participation of administrators themselves in the programme.


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