Friday, 8 September 2017


The Parents and teachers’ meeting is also considered one of the pivotal programs of the school because our children they mostly spend their time here in the school away from their own home. The school takes the major responsibilities of educating and the development of the overall growth of the children. Yet the parents’ contribution is also significant. They also need to know and should involve in the children’s growth. They need to update where their children are in terms of mental, physical and academic status.

We hope to organize such meetings minimal of two times in a year in each term. So the meeting of the First term was held on 8 September 2017. We are happy to announce that this time there were quite a lot of parents who came to take part in it. As compared to last year the number was much increased. This shows that the parents nowadays are aware of their own responsibilities of the growth and the development of their children.

The meeting started with the speech by the school Principal, Mr. Passang Tsering la. He shared about the school facilities, activities, and mainly about the remodeled assessment scheme of Class 10, Board Examination 2017-18. The school Headmaster Mr. Karma Tashi la read out the SA-1 result.

After that the parents individually met with their children’s class and subject teachers and were able to enquire about their children everything in detail. The meeting went very well.


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