Saturday, 21 April 2018


Shoton TCV Chauntra

Shoton festival is a celebration that mark the end of monk’s ‘Yarne,’ their hundred day summer retreat so as to avoid killings and earning demerits during that hundred days. After finishing these days, the local Tibetan laymen use to serve them yogurt, perform Tibetan opera and go for picnics etc. Therefore this festival is also called YOGURT festival.
In exile, Tibetan Institute of Performing Arts took the initiative in reviving this ancient festival. They would invite Tibetan artist from the different settlement to show Opera at Dharamsala.
His holiness the Dalai Lama suggested them to hold this festival in various settlements so that it can have a wider reach, especially among the youngsters.
Therefore, this year under the direction of TIPA, three places were selected to celebrate the festival: One at TIPA, second at Norbuling and third at our school TCV Chauntra. Our school had the privilege of hosting the Shoton Festival on 21th April till 23rd April. The festival saw opera performances by some of the best troupes from three Tibetan settlements located in India namely Bandara, Bylakuppee and Kollegal.

Shoton Festival 2018
Shoton Festival 2018
On the very first day we had the honor of welcoming his 12th Kenting Tai Situ Rinpoche, Ringu Tulku Rinpoche Bir, Nyingma-pa- Monastery and Tulku Ugyen Topgyal Rinpoche to bless the festival to bring good luck. As a special guest we invited the elderly people from old aged home situated near our school under the nangchen division Chauntra.
Shoton Festival 2018
Shoton in TCV Chauntra 2018
The view was extravagant; sky was filled with the plumes of smoke from the juniper fire to greet the Rinpoches. Eager and enthusiastic crowds along with the overly excited students with the thought of not having to go to the class for three days jam-packed the school basket ground  and waited eagerly with hands folded for the Rinpoche to arrive and begin the day long Opera show.
On 21st April 2018, Saturday at 2: 30 pm the show began. To begin with, everyone was distributed curd followed by tea and sweet rice as a mark of auspicious day. The artist did their best which surely satisfied them and the viewers fully enjoyed the show. The laughter, shouting and the sweet melodious sounds of the artist occupied the whole of school. Tea and juices were in abundant. The day saw the extravagance of the school. Most importantly the elderly people really had the best of the day for these three days.
The day was the day to remember for the fun everyone had, for the relax ion everyone felt, for the beauty of Opera show and the gladness of getting audience from Rinpoche.