Tuesday, 16 October 2018


5th September is celebrated as teacher’s day all over the nation but in TCV, we not only thank the teachers but every staff member in the school. As we believe that every member plays an important role in the upbringing of the students. On this day, the staffs feel pleased to have reached this far in serving the Tibetan society whole heatedly.
On the 5th September, 2018, Students welcomed every staff with a smiling face at 8:45 am in the hall which was fully decked with different colors of balloons, glowing of lightings and heartwarming affection of students flowing in words on the chart. A very different kind of environment greeted all the staff.
There was morning function followed by some entertaining games for the staff which the staff participated happily. During the free time, the staff enjoyed taking pictures for the memory of the day.
Then there was lunch which was specially prepared by the students to show their love and care. This event was followed by football match between male staff and school boys.
Finally the most exciting event of the day began that is the talent show of the students. It was amazing to have witness the talents of the students. Day ended happily with a heavy dinner. There was smile, laughter echoing from every corner of the school that day!!!!


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