6th Inter School Staff Football tournament

TCV Lower Dharamsala Staff celebrating the victory of Tournament.

73rd Indian Independence Day Celebration

TCV Chauntra celebrated Independence day with various programs including patriotic song,dance,poem and drama.

Inter house club Football tournament begin

Health is wealth. The majority of the students take part in football tournament. This year around 60 team have participated.

Visit by Education Minister

CTA Education minister Dr. Pema Yangchen la visited the school and inaugurated the school well furnished I.C.T room.

National Library Day Celebration

School Librarian has organised book display during Library Day celebration.

Thursday, 5 September 2013


All across India, 5 September is celebrated as ‘Teacher’s Day’ but in our TCV schools, we celebrate it as ‘Staff Day’ because we believe that each and every staff member puts equal hard work and effort for the welfare of the children. The day is specially commemorated to honor the staff members for their sincerity and dedication in the upbringing of the children.
TCV Chauntra Staff Day
The day began withvarious programs beginning with the opening function, followed by games, delicious dishes and the evening song and dance performances for the entertainment. Everything was superbly and systematically done. The main responsibility was taken by the Student Council along with the support from class 9 and 10 students. The students worked really hard to make this day special and memorable for all the staff members. The ex-Chauntrains from TCV Upper, TCV Gopalpur, TCV Selakui and TCV Bylakuppe as usual sent their greetings to the staff.
The highlight of today’s program was for the Chief Guest, we had the TCV Tibetan Resource Teacher, Mr. Mingchung la and the Tibetan teachers from all the TCV schools. We are very much honored to have them with us on this very special occasion.
As saying goes ‘A good beginning always has good ending’. The day turned out to be a great success with full of enjoyment and entertainment. Thanks to the School Captains and the Prefects and to all the supporters. You made the day really special for every staff.

Monday, 2 September 2013


TCV School Chauntra, as other Tibetan community also marked and celebrated the 53rd Tibetan Democracy Day on 2 September 2013 with a formal function in the school Lotyer Hall. For the past 53 years, the Tibetan communities have been celebrating this Democracy Day. People all over the world have struggled for democracy, but we have been blessed with this gift of democracy by our great leader, His Holiness the 14th Dalai Lama. The celebration also makes our children learn about the uniqueness of this day.

The function extended till about 12 in the noon with the day’s introduction by our Social Teacher Mr. Choetop Tashi la, followed by the reading of the statements issued by the Kashag and the Tibetan Parliament by the school Principal, Mr. Choeying Dhondup la and Mr. Dawa Gyatso la in Tibetan and English respectively. The conclusion ‘Thank You’ speech was given by the Assistant Headmaster, Mr. Karma Tashi la.

To mark this occasion and to make it memorable, we had a special program of Tibetan Group Song Competition by classes 4 to 6 students. Every class came up with beautiful Tibetan songs and gave their best presentation. Each and every one of them was a winner on their own.

Congratulations to all !!!

Monday, 26 August 2013

CAREER FAIR (26 August 2013)

TCV Chauntra Career Fair

The 3rd Career Fair was organized in the school with the sheer initiative by our school’s career counselor, Ms. Namshey la with the support from the school administration. The career awareness program becomes critical for the students who are in class 9 and 10 in their life long process of establishing one’s own identity.
This module helps our students to develop greater awareness and appreciation of themselves in relationship to others, school, and the world of work. Through such program students are able to get an opportunity to become aware of, explore, and develop personal interests, attitudes, and aptitudes and to understand the life career concept. Students are able to understand the importance of matching career options to their personal preferences and how those preferences may change over time due to maturity and experiences.Unlike previous years, this year the school and the Counselor had invited many successful professionals from our own Tibetan society to boost students’ interest and simultaneously to educate themselve to make the right decision. The day remained full with varieties of activities such as

The morning session   a)  The panel discussion with the professionals

                                          b)  The exhibition in the hall

The afternoon session  a) the Quiz Contest on different professions

The event turned out into a grand success because of the collaboration effort from the school’s administration, Career Counselor and the volunteer students who backed and supported to make this event informative and educative.

Saturday, 29 June 2013

Special programme initiated by the school principal on the Tibetan Honorific words (29th June 2013)

This year is solely meant to inculcate the moral values in all the TCV School, as it is the focus point of this year. Keeping this in mind our school principal has initiated a programme to extent our first step to moral values through honorific words.

Partispants trying to answer the question
As well know Tibetan is a rich language. One of the unique features of which are honorific words that are commonly used during conversation.

Tibetan Honorific Words

In this 21st century, children are getting more and more exposed to other language while they are becoming less and less familiar with their own mother tongue. As a result of which they may forget everything. Thinking from this point working and learning honorific words is more urgently felt. The whole programme is shouldered by the two Tibetan teacher Miss. Dawa Tsamchoe la and Miss. Yangzom la. The unique thing about this programme is that, all the respective homes from 1 to 16 inclulding girls and boy’s hostel, all are participating in this programme. No one knows who will be call upon as a participant as an actual contestant. All the students were informing in advance to learn and give importance to the Tibetan honorific words.
This kind of programme will definitely be an eye opener for the budding brains of our children who are wisely termed as the ‘Future seeds of Tibet’ by his holiness. This particular programme had really squeezed a lot of time and sweat of the two concern teachers. By the end of the programme the winner was Home no 6 . When the programme got over we have the confidence to feel that whatever time and labor that the teacher had spent on this contest have not gone waste. I want to congratulate the principal and the two concern teacher for their sheer hard work.

Tuesday, 25 June 2013

NCERT Workshop Sharing by Mrs. Tenzin Dolma

The Department of Education, CTA organized 21 Days Tibetan TGT English

sharing by madam Tenzin Dolma la
TCV Chauntra NCERT Workshop

teachers’ workshop at NCERT, New Delhi from 5 to 25 June 2013. Therefore the actual workshop sharing for the TGT English teachers was done on 15 July 2013 but the sharing for all the co-workers, the teaching staff was done on 30 August 2013 during the monthly teacher’s meeting in the presence of the Headmaster and the Assistant Headmaster. Although there were so many things to share but due to the very limited time, the whole sharing was completed within 30 minutes.

The following important topics were highlighted.

The responsibilities of a real teacher.

Teaching Across Curriculum

Understanding Literature

Different Genres of Writing and creating authentic tasks out of them

Gender Sensitivity


CCE-An Overview

Professional Development etc.

Saturday, 22 June 2013

A special programme by the math committee (22nd June 2013)

Maths Programmme

It was on 22nd of june 2013 Saturday, The math committee member bought about a new programme under the guidance of the Chairperson Mr. Lobsang Yeshi la. The curtain raised with the dialect practice by the students on the different mathematics and science topics like Area etc. student enjoy the dialect with a light and a soothing music for has shown a documentary film named ‘Story of Math’ which lasted for around 45 minutes.The most special and unique thing done in this programme is the first ever Mathematic spelling bee. Teachers have selected four students from each class and in total there was 50 contestant. Teachers have collected more than 200c mathematic terms and classified the words into easy, average and difficult round.

The 1st easy rounds were successfully answered by most of the students and were qualified for the next round. Followed by the average round where many students fail to spell the correct spelling. Only few students were through the round. Difficult round was really a challenge for the qualifiers as the words were hard and only 4 students were qualified for the championship round.And finally the winner was non-other than Master Tenzin Tsega la of class 8 S. over all the whole programme was a huge success.

Sunday, 7 April 2013


World health day is celebrated worldwide on 7th April every year. The objective of the celebration is to elevate people awareness towards the importance of health. Under the direction of WHO each year a them is chosen according to the priority of people health issues. This year the theme for the world health day is “Vector borne disease.”

We celebrated this day with formal morning function at the hall. Head nurse Tsering Sangmo la, gave a brief history of vector borne disease; its causes, preventions and so on. At the end she showed a beautiful clipping related to vector borne disease. Everyone has surely gained a lot of knowledge from this short and effective clip.