6th Inter School Staff Football tournament

TCV Lower Dharamsala Staff celebrating the victory of Tournament.

73rd Indian Independence Day Celebration

TCV Chauntra celebrated Independence day with various programs including patriotic song,dance,poem and drama.

Inter house club Football tournament begin

Health is wealth. The majority of the students take part in football tournament. This year around 60 team have participated.

Visit by Education Minister

CTA Education minister Dr. Pema Yangchen la visited the school and inaugurated the school well furnished I.C.T room.

National Library Day Celebration

School Librarian has organised book display during Library Day celebration.

Wednesday, 24 October 2018

14th Inter House Athletics Meet

Inter- house athletic meet-2018
Inter-Class Athletic Meet 2018 was held on 14th October on the school Football Ground.  This is the time when the ground gets decorated with our National Flag along with the house flag and the class flag. The field was looking beautiful with the white linings on it. There was feeling of excitements; anxiety and cheerfulness in the eyes of every people present in the school especially the house masters.
Participation in any program builds one’s confidence, leadership qualities, teamwork and sureness. Therefore, this is the one program where almost one fourth of the schools participate.
So this year, in the Inter- House athletic Meet Function, for the chief guest we were privileged to have with us the secretary of the Department of Education (C.T.A) Mr. Karma Singey La. Along with him there were many dignitaries from TCV family, and  from the nearby settlement.
The day started with house wise march past lead by our school band. Each and every one; athletes, officials, house masters, guest, audience performed their parts whole heartedly that anyone would have felt proud to be present in such place and time. The competition was so tough that everyone held their breath while finishing each event.
But, since there is no escape from rules of the competition (One loses and one wins), we also had our winner. The championship award of 13th Inter House Athletic Meet 2018 was bagged by Trisong House though we can’t deny the fact that they narrowly escape by just 3 points from Songtsen House.
The day saw the neck and neck competition of the houses, hard work of the every people present in the school and the cheerfulness of the guest on witnessing such a beautiful event.
The Best Athletes

Sub. Junior Girls
Tenzin Dolma
Sub. Juniors Boys
Nyima Tenzin
Junior Girls
Leki Wangmo
Juniors Boys
Tenzin Dawa
Inter Girls
Kunga Dechen
Inter Boys
Nyima Dorjee
Senior Girls
Sonam Choedon
Senior boys
Tenzin Namgyal

Fastest Athletes

Sonam Choedon
Ngawang Samdup

March past Result
Triral House
Nyatri House
Trisong House
Songtsen House

Invitation Relay

1.      The third prize  is bagged by TCV SUJA
2.      The Second prize is bagged by TCV UPPER
3.       The first prize was won by TCV GOPALPUR
1.      The third prize is bagged by TCV GOPALPUR
2.      The second prize is bagged by TCV SUJA
3.      The first prize is won by TCV UPPER

Tuesday, 16 October 2018


It is the day when we celebrate not only the birth of the father of India –Gandhi ji but his thoughts and ideologies especially no-violence. Schools, colleges and institution celebrate the day organizing purposeful activities.
Our school also celebrate the day every year organizing different programs and among them Swatch Bharat ( Clean India) is the main program which we always focus and Prime Minister of India has rightly said, “A clean India would be the best tribute India could pay to Mahatma Gandhi.”
Works were distributed among the classes. Class VIII to X went out of the campus to clean the Chauntra market, old age home near Zongsar and the area between our school and Chauntra market. Tibetan settlement in Chauntra joined in this good willed work.

Mani Tsedon

Mani Tsedon as the word signify means reciting Mani for the whole night. Our school organized Mani Tsedon on 29th September, 2018. It is important to have good luck along with hard work. Therefore, we pray to bless us.

English Day

English is one of the mostly used languages in the world therefore it is impossible to avoid learning English.
English day was celebrated every year to make the students motivated to learn English. This year our school celebrated the English day on 28th September, 2018.
The day began with a singing assembly in the football ground including classes from 4 till 10. We all sang the song “Beautiful Sunday” by Daniel Boone. The main objective behind this singing assembly was to inspire the students that we can learn English through songs too.
During the 1st and 2nd period a Book Fair was held in the two basket court. The volunteer students from class 4 to 10 shared a book that they enjoyed reading.
After that, the newly started program called “Bumper English Talent Show was conducted where students displayed their talent in singing, dancing, delivering speech, reciting poem, performing skitetc. in English. It was amazing to see the enthusiasm of the student and the excitement of the audience.
During the 6th and 7th period we had nursery rhyme by classes from 4 till 6. It was adorable and cuteness at its fullest.
Finally during the self-study we had English Mega Drama (Much Too Much). The best actor award was bagged by master TashiNamgyal la and best actress was won by Miss Tenzin Dhadon la.
At the end of the day, everyone had the best of the day and I am sure, for some this day has become one of their most memorable days.


The Inter School Dialectics Meet was started on Monday 17thsept, 2018 in our school. Over all 350 students from different Tibetan schools participated in the program and those schools who participated were T.C.V Upper, TCV Lower, TCV Suja, TCV Gopalpur, TCV Chauntra, SambotaChauntra and Paton School. This year our school was the host of this year Inter School Dialectic Meet.
The chief guest of the opening ceremony was Tai Situ Rinpoche la and on his arrival, some students performed TashiShokpa. The program started at 8:30 am and then it went on till the lunch time. The participants debated in front of everyone. Sweet Tibetan rice and Tibetan tea was served as refreshments.
The chief guest of the closing ceremony was NechungKuten. It started at 10:30 am and soon after the chief guest arrived, tea and dresi were served. Then class wise dialectics were debated. After that the chief guest gave a speech and ended with his beautiful words.
The day ended with a thank you speech by our headmaster. On the whole the Inter School Dialectic Meet ended peacefully and successfully.