Tuesday, 25 June 2013

NCERT Workshop Sharing by Mrs. Tenzin Dolma

The Department of Education, CTA organized 21 Days Tibetan TGT English

sharing by madam Tenzin Dolma la
TCV Chauntra NCERT Workshop

teachers’ workshop at NCERT, New Delhi from 5 to 25 June 2013. Therefore the actual workshop sharing for the TGT English teachers was done on 15 July 2013 but the sharing for all the co-workers, the teaching staff was done on 30 August 2013 during the monthly teacher’s meeting in the presence of the Headmaster and the Assistant Headmaster. Although there were so many things to share but due to the very limited time, the whole sharing was completed within 30 minutes.

The following important topics were highlighted.

The responsibilities of a real teacher.

Teaching Across Curriculum

Understanding Literature

Different Genres of Writing and creating authentic tasks out of them

Gender Sensitivity


CCE-An Overview

Professional Development etc.


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