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Student Writes Up

Words of Gratitude
          Tenzin Olden Class X

Once or twice near one meets
The word depart naturally blooms
But it is difficult to lose soul
So mu soul will remain here in this school
Even though, my body is somewhere else.
When I turn back the pages of my life in TCV Chauntra , I cannot believe myself how these 10 years have gone so fast and swiftly. In this society, I have gained millions of knowledge and grew much. When I first joined this school, I was so naughty and bad but now I have changed. I can understand the value of school property. I can control myself regarding anything and think of every situation too. I can keep my dignity. I am also sometime reminding my friends, who have forgotten their first priority of going to school.
This school has provided me with education and made me become a better human being. Now I think my time in this wonderful school will be up soon. So I don’t want to leave this school without thank you words to my school, teachers, staff and fellow students. I am writing this not just to praise but it is what I feel as a student of this school for a decade.


I came in this school as a early morning’s sun whose mind is yet to shine and knowledge is still to gain, but under the care and love of my home mother. (Ama Dolma la)I have grown up as a plant which is sown by the gardener. I have joined hostel last year and met paa Yeshi Tsring la. He is so hardworking, sincere, skillful and splendid. We could find people like him once out of 1000. Here in academic section, beneath the guide of my beloved teachers, I have learnt everything stating from a alphabet to what I am learning right now. Of course, school’s heads for all your support and welfare and leading a society owned by His Holiness the 14th Dalai Lama. It is impossible to learn and play with ill body but our school dispensary is there to cure our illness and hurts. At last I want to say, your sincerity and caring nature shall always be cherished and remembered the most.


Within the days of my arrival in this school I have got so many friends, most of them were my roommates and classmates.  My childhood life was spent with them playing indoor games, eating and bathing together, going to same school and working together. I am really missing my childhood friends who have been to abroad and other school, because we have richer memories. I got lots of brother s and sisters to look after me. Now they are all standing on their own feet. I have got new friends in hostel last year and this year. They are all different from each other. After all they are good and understanding. I love small kids. Whenever I meet children I try to smile at them. They are all part of my school life. I want to beg you students to study hard and make no trouble to school, teachers and home mother.


My second home, you are the factory where students like me are produces annually in great number. You simply identified who really I am and taught me what responsibility I have on my shoulder. Of course, my brain and mind matured under your great hospitality and staff. I am indebted a lot to you and I really want to repay your kindness when the day comes, where I will be standing on my own feet. There is no word that can represent my true feeling of thanks and expression of gratitude to you.
Once gain I want to say millions of THANK YOU to my teachers, home mothers other non-teaching staff and school mates for being a part of my wonderful and adventurous school life.

Fantastic book which I like the most  
                                                 Phursang Lepcha {9-B}

I read a book called [Ocean Of Wisdom] which was forwarded by Richard Gere. You know that book is very precious and interesting one. I am extremely glad to read that book as I have learnt several chief vocabularies from it, as well as advice.

In this novel our leader had given us so many vital advices .when I was reading that one, it was quite nice and awesome .He had mentioned that love, compassion and tolerance are one of the most important in our daily lives. If a person is very literate and if he or she has no love, compassion and tolerance, then we can’t consider that person as good and meek. So he has said that as a human being we must practice them. Without these things we humans wouldn’t be happy and cannot cooperate with others .He rather has said that we sentient being must have warm and kind heart. If we don’t have these things then we do not know how important the others are. Actually we all know that our school motto is: others before self. He has also said that, others are much more important than us. He has also given advice to us that tolerance is very important. Suppose someone makes you angry and say funny words to you, at that moment try to tolerate as much as you can. He said that, enemies are our best teacher because through enemies we can learn and practice tolerance.

So think it’s really important than we must follow what he had said that, it’s not important to know but more important is to practice .though I even cannot do thoroughly but at least I try my best. We Tibetans are so fortunate to have such a precious leader in our life .i wish the entire Tibetans would practice whatever he has said it us .I am sure we would be a perfect person if we all learn these things .hope we can put some efforts to get back our country and make him satisfied. Thus ,I wish all children to read this precious book as much as you can and practice what he had given in this book .you know it is really an indispensable one. best of luck.

Tribute to the self-immolator
                                  Dhondup Yighe  9  ‘D'

The number of the self-immolators has increased rapidly over the last few months. It is now over a century! Do you know why they self-immolate? They didn’t do it to appear in the newspapers nor did they do it for fame. They did it for Tibet, our Tibet and our nation. They did it to send a stronger message to the people outside Tibet asking for their support. The self-immolations happen because we Tibetans are longing for freedom, freedom that is rightfully ours, for the land where we are originated from. We ask nothing more, nothing less.
Each time I hear about the self-immolation I feel a pang of pain in my heart for they are my brothers or sisters out there sacrificing their precious human life for our nation.
We need to study hard, not for our sake but for the self-immolators sakes, for the sake of Tibet. We need to remind ourselves everyday that we do not belong to this nation called ‘India’ because we have our own nation. We need to remember this and keep it in our minds that we are future seeds of Tibet. The future of Tibet depends on our shoulders and it’s our duty to take this responsibility because we are Tibetans.

                                                                 Kunga Yeshi  VI D

A weary mother returned from the store passing groceries though the kitchen door awaiting her arrival was her 8 year old son. Anxious to tolerate what his younger brother had done. ‘While I was out playing and dad was on call, t.j took his crayons and wrote on the wall. It’s on the new wall paper you just hung it on the wall.
I told him you’d be mad doing it again. She let out a moan and furrowed her brow. “where is your little brother right now?  She emptied and with purposeful stick. She marched to the place where he had hide, she called him in his full name as she entered the room. He trembled with fear he knew that meant his doom!
For the next hour she shout and shout about the expensive wall paper how she has saved, laminating all the work it would take a lot more time to repair, she commented her actions and total lack of care. The more she scolded the madder she got. Then stumped from his room, totally distraught! She headed for her den to confirm her fears when she saw the wall her eyes filled with tears.
The message she read pierced her soul with a dart.
It said “I LOVE  YOU MOMMY” surrounded by a heart.

Dedicated To My Mom
                           Norbu Tsering 8 -D

I step in a dark side
To follow your footprints
But it was too far
That I just lost you
The Bampa that you made
The hard life that you lived
The pain that you bear
It is truly an unforgettable for me.
Trees are yet to dance
Birds are yet to chirp
Winds is yet to blow,
But whatever happens
You always wake up the earliest.
You avoid your food
In order to feed us,
You avoid wearing beautiful clothes,
In order to clothe us the best,
What is this, Oh! Mom,
Why are you so selfless?
The days are bringing me sadness,
The vivid memories are making me regretful
And I am that bloody insecure boy
That  can’t help you for a single time,
What an outrageous guy am I?
Without helping you,
Shameless, unthoughtful everything is me,
What a wretched guy am I?
Oh! God, will you take me back
To the place where I belong,
That time, I’ll surely do my best
With no hesitation and fear.
Anyway days are gone
But my poem is still left,
So it is dedicated to you!