Monday, 8 October 2018

Inter house Culture song and Dance Compitition

 26th May, 2018.

Inter house Culture song and Dance Competition is indeed one of the biggest, most excited and the most awaited event in all the TCV schools with an absolutely awesome Stage decorations.

    His Eminence Sakya Dhungsay Avikrita Vajra Rinpochen  (Ngawang Kunga Thekchog Gyurme Dorjee) was The Chief Guest for the event.
   At the same time, the school is blessed and fortunate to celebrate his 25th Birthday with our children. The Junior section children sang the birthday song and wished him a good and healthy life a head which blush the day with chorus of the children's melody song which shows a purity of love, innocent and welcomed all the distinguished Guests for the event. Honorable President of T.C.V. Schools, Mr. Thupten Dorjee la accompanied by the T.C.V. Education Director, the village Director, The General Secretary and other School's Principal.
    The three distinguished jury were from (TIPA) Tibetan Institute for Performing Arts.
     " Great dancers and singers are not great because of yheir techniques, thet are great because of their passions". 
    The students literally gave their heart and soul and every student was stretched to the limit.The dances and song were full of enthusiasm, Cultural and vigor. More over, they manage to creatively display feminine grace and elegance. The dances complemented the music beautifully.
In the conclusion of the compitition the chief Guest presented the winners toffees.
  At the end of the colourful and spectacular performance, the Principal Mr. Passang Tsering la proposed a Vote of Thanks to all the house masters for yheir talents and esteemed judges and the entire comprising of students and staff which was ratified amid great applause.
   The principal proudly stated that the competition was a great success with rich culture since, and it brought out yo number of hidden talents from new students. 
   All in all, it was a beautiful and memorable day which will surely br treasured by all.

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  1. I appreciate the school and teacher for training and guiding the students 👏👏