Monday, 8 October 2018

Two days ICT workshop for teachers at our school.

6th and 7th August, 2018 Two days workshop for teachers.
T.C.V. School, Chauntra teacher were proudly able to attend two days (I.C.T) Information Communication technology at our school hall under the guidance of energetic, loving, dedicated and enthusiastic 7 of our teachers who attended the four days (I.C.T.) work shop at Dharamsala, from (TISS) Tata Institute of Social Science, Mumbai under the supervision of CTA Education Department.

   The work shop was held at our school hall from 9 a.m to 5 p.m for  26 teachers.
  The main aims and the objectives of the workshop are as:
1. Develop confidence and usage of computer based on technology effectitively in every day teaching.
2. Understand teaching and learning with constructive perspective. 
3."Teachers” as designer and students as"Creator"
4. Understand LTTE on integrate approach with pedagogy technology.
5. Hands on experience design lesson plan Integrating Students use of technology project.
6. Hands on experience creating project as students using technology.
7. Promote higher thinking approaches.
8. Able to evaluate their own work with knowledge and construction with higher order thinking skills.

    In conclusion, all the teachers created one lesson plan each which has to implement in the respective classes containing Blooms Taxonomy.
   It was an excellent learning outcome where all the teachers felt great throughout the learning takes place with lots of activities, sharing, discussions and etc.
   Finally the two days workshop was completed with the lesson presentation by the teachers and a brief feedback was given by Mr Tenzin Kalsang from D.O.E. Education Officer with great appreciations.


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