Tuesday, 29 April 2014

English Book Fair

"Today’s readers are tomorrow’s leader"

TCV Chauntra Book Fair
As per EDC meeting guidelines, on 29thAugust, 2014 TCV School, Chauntra class VII English book fair was organized in the school Loter hall from morning 9:00 a.m. till 4:00 p.m. in the evening.  Subject teachers have motivated the students to read books from the very beginning of the session and also worked hard to explain the insight and various approaches of competent reading. Teachers have given enough practice on both oral and writing book review.

The program not only endows our students to expand reading habit but it also lays an open platform for developing various significant linguistic skills; such as thinking skill, comprehension skill, communication skill and listening skill etc.

Every class VII student have read a story book of their choice within the month and with  a predefined format they prepared a well defined book review and they stuck it behind their chair on that day. Subject teachers along with some students of class VII had shaped a suitable atmosphere with well planned

decoration and seating arrangement so to motivate as well as to make them feel the significance of the program. Some video songs with the theme and message of importance of reading in one’s life have been arranged and shown at the last ten minutes of each period for every class and they loved it.

Students of class V to X were given opportunity to listen to and interact with the students of class VII. The interaction includes:

Introduction of the student (Name, Class and hobbies)

Title of the story that they have read

Name of the author and illustrator

Genre: Fiction- Fairy tale/Fables

:Nonfiction- Biography

: Myth- Geek/Christain/Hindu

Characters in the story

Favorite character and Why?

Theme and plot

Summary of the story

Lesson/Moral of the story

Question answer (Do you have any questions?)

Why He/she recommend this story to others

Overall this year’s class VII English Book Fair established to be one of the most flourishing programs we had initiated. Students appreciated it and took this sophisticated strategy very serious; hence, we must definitely go on with it in the days to come and try to give it a new shape and color so to keep their anticipation at the same level.


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