Saturday, 30 September 2017


Education tour or trip means more than simply leaving the school ground. It is one of the most significant events both for the school and the students. It is important and essential because of the following reasons.

  • It gives opportunity for the children to build closer bonds with their classmates.
  • It provides them to experience new environments and enjoy a day away from the classroom.
  • It gives students exposure to the places they might not otherwise visit.
  • It enforces them to connect the classroom lessons to the real world etc.

So this year the class teachers and the subject teachers of class 9 collaboratively initiated to take their students for the one day educational trip to the holy city of the Sikhs – Amritsar to visit the Golden Temple. Not only that they also visited the Pushpa Gujral-Science City, Jalandar. It was a large centre with lots of adventurous parks and planetarium, boating facility etc.

Overall, it was a lot of learning in one day! Both the teachers and the students enjoyed the excursion to the fullest.


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