Saturday, 28 April 2018


On 28th April, 2018 under the supervision of English teachers, the first singing assembly (class IV to VI) of the year 2018 was held in the school Loter hall during the morning assembly. Actually department has   decided to conduct morning singing assembly after every two months. The main aim is to let the students learn English in a fun way. This year the song we chose was titled ‘It’s a beautiful day.’ We sang the song with music and without music. We also sang the two song which we had last year, Mr. Manner Matters and Kindness. The English teachers took the lead by standing in front of the students.
The students enjoyed the different kind of assembly as we can see them becoming very excited and energetic. Our colleagues were of the new ways we have adopted to teach our kids. Whole school was heard humming the morning school. The scene was worth inspiring the teachers to do better.


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