Monday, 8 October 2018

Prayer to Tara (Dolma Tsedon)

Prayer to Tara (Dolma Tsedon)
Every year, the school Culture and Religious Committee organized a night long prayer session of prayer to Tara.(Dolma Tsedhon)which is very beautiful prayer that includes many verses of offering and the famous 21 Praises to Tara.(Jetsun Dolma) which are recited many times through out the prayer. And to help end the suffering all sentient beings.This prayer have power.Buddhists believe that prayer can help relieve suffering and overcome obstacles.It is a belief that is shared by many of the world's religions.
   We Tibetans, recite mantras and prayers to purify the mind, to deal with negative emotionals, to increase merit and to invite help from the Buddha and various enlightened beings or deities.
   Thus, the aims and objectives of holding this important prayer is meant for the long, healthy life of His Holiness the XIV the Dalai Lama, and to save and protect ourselves and so many negative ellotions.
   Above all, to have a physical, mental and emotional blockages and not to reflect with sudden hardships with ups and down.


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