Saturday, 15 April 2017


TCV Chauntra Administration change
TCV School Chauntra yet again experienced another huge change in the school administration section. Today at 12 noon, all the staff and the children gathered in school hall to attend a special function or a ceremony for the valediction of the outgoing Headmaster Mr. Dawa Gyatso who had served this school since the year 2004. He has dedicated almost thirteen years service to this school. During these years he had worked for the welfare of the children and the staff. He was a good, understanding and approachable leader. He was specially very close and caring towards the children.  

The school Principal Mr. Passang Tsering congratulated him by offering the traditional white scarf and a memento for being promoted to TCV Gopalpur for the post of Senior School’s Headmaster. We would like to wish him all the best of luck for his future endeavor and hope his leadership will grow and flourish for the betterment of the children and the school.

On this very occasion we were also introduced to our new Headmaster and Assistant Headmaster of the school. Thus we are honored to have our former Assistant Headmaster, Mr. Karma Tashi for our new Headmaster and Mr. Choetop Tashi, the Social Science teacher of senior section as our new Assistant Headmaster.

Mr. Karma Tashi is one of the most senior staff members of this school. He has served this school for more than 27 years. He joined this school as a teacher in 1990 and worked as Assistant Headmaster since 1997. He is obviously the most experienced and most well deserved candidate for this post.

Mr. Choetop Tashi, the new Assistant Headmaster has served this school since 2005 as a social teacher. He has off and on been the Chairperson of different committees in our school. Therefore he has experience and good leadership qualities.

Therefore we would like to wish both of them heartfelt good wishes on behalf of all the children and the staff members of TCV School Chauntra.


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