Wednesday, 19 April 2017


tcv chuantra himalayan health exchange“Health is wealth.” As saying goes we consider our children’s health our first priority. So for the last couple of years we are honored and privileged to receive constant help from the Himalayan Medical Team lead by Mr. Ravi Singh in maintaining proper health of our children. This year too they were here in the school premises for three days. During these three days they did thorough check up of all the children and dealt with all kinds of problem such as dental, eye etc. The staff members could also enjoy the benefit.
tcv chuantra himalayan health exchangeTheir contribution to the school is of course no doubt ‘KINDNESS IN ACTION’ in practical. We appreciate and acknowledge their assistance, support and contribution to the school. Thus we extend our heartfelt gratitude to each and every doctor who was here in the school and special thanks goes to Mr. Ravi Singh for his selfless and compassionate act towards the school.
Their visit ended with the variety show, the song and dance performances by the children. The children who stayed back during the winter vacation in the school gave the most number of performances. We would like to thank once again to each and every member of this team. We hope to have you in the near future too.


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