Thursday, 4 April 2019

Earthquake Mock Drill ( 4th April,2019 )

Himachal Pradesh is highly sensitive to earthquake and to commemorate the 4th April, 1905 Kangra earthquake, a mock drill on earthquake was conducted at T.C.V. Chauntra on 4th April,2019 as Chauntra falls in the earthquake risk zone.
The mock drill began with a beating of drum which lasted for about two minutes and during that time all the staff and the students practiced Drop, Cover, Hold and it was followed by evacuation and rescuing of those who pretended to be injured and left under the debris by the evacuation and rescue team of the school. Those who pretended to be injured were given first aid by the school first aid team. The class teachers took the attendance of  their class students and the missing students were immediately reported to the school Headmaster.
This earthquake mock drill is done every year in the school to help the students and staff learn how to react immediately, appropriately and effectively in case of emergency.  


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