Wednesday, 3 April 2019


Tibet our country day is celebrated annually in all the T.C.V. schools to let the children develop a sound understanding of Tibetan identity, culture and tradition and our school is no exception. Prior to this big event or program, the teachers in our school select or choose a topic which is suitable and appropriate for their class level. They research and read the books related with the topic they have chosen and get ready with all the resources and materials beforehand. The teaching and learning process starts thereafter.

This year Tibet our country project started in this school on 3rd April and lasted till 24th April. The children and the teachers both stayed back after the class to learn and share more about Tibet and its culture and tradition. This year it was decided in the Education Development Team meeting that the T.O.C. project be based on displays and exhibition of models rather than the class wise presentation which the school has been doing for the past few years. The change was made  to make the children learn more by watching and observing the exhibitions and to create the atmosphere and sense of Tibetanness in them.

The morning programme commenced at 9:00 a.m. inside the school Lother Hall. Class 3 students did their presentation on Sangsol and a Tibetan dance followed by songs and dance by the Kindergarten and the Special School.  Students and staff read the Sangsol scriptures and had Sangsol on the school basketball court.

After the recess, each class displayed their models and exhibitions to the students and staff to be observed. The models and the demonstrations were on the following topics :Nomadic life, Tibetan Medicines, Guthuk, The Twelve Zodiac Signs, Tibetan Opera, Yumbulhakhang, The Eight Auspicious Signs, The Tibetan Traditional Dresses, Potala  etc. The students and the staff had an interactive and fun learning from those who were explaining their projects.

The day ended with some satirical and comedy drama by the students of class 6 at the school auditorium at 7:00 p.m. The audience had a great time laughing out loud after watching their high standard dramas. On the whole Tibet our country project was a grand success.


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