Monday, 15 April 2019


An inclusive education workshop was organized by the Department of Education for the teachers at Chauntra from April 15 to 17 . The resource person for the workshop was Ms. Sini R. Thomas. She has earned P.H.D. in Inclusive Education.  Under her guidance and counseling the teachers learned that Inclusive Education is when all the students, regardless of any challenges they may have are placed together. They play, learn and mingle together.  From this workshop the teachers learned to be patient and kind with those having learning and behavior issues. The teachers were asked to praise and motivate them. They were given some guidelines to help and respond to the needs of such children in a better way. She also had a one to one session with those children who have learning and behavior issues and she shared her reports on some students. The teachers had a serious and an active discussion with the resource person on the challenges the students face and she suggested some remedial measures to be implied on them.  All in all this workshop helped the teachers to help their students in better ways.


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